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Tracy Arrington Studios jewelry fills a niche between costume and fine jewelry with her wholesale-only sterling and gold-fill collections, sold in galleries and museum stores across the US and overseas.

Tracy came to us to design a website that would help her buyers promote her work and place orders. 


“Your are not likely to find another company that will work as hard as Chris & Andy to make ure your investment will pay off. ”

Tracy Arrington


retail & Wholesale

We customized an existing Shopify theme to make it easy to browse over 500 jewelry pieces, while concealing pricing from the public.
Wholesale buyers have access to additional pages through the menu bar such as wish list, adapted for building an order over time until they are ready to place an order through the website.

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Additionally, we worked with Tracy to create a unified visual brand extending to print materials— business cards, postcards, a trifold, and sales sheets for galleries.


Extending this direction to a custom-designed & diecut Look Box offers Tracy’s buyers meaningful engagement with her range and more robust presence in galleries and stores.


The custom artist cards are included with each purchase and contain care instructions and a brief bio. The trifold also doubles as a Certificate of Authenticity.


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