Teresa Chang is a ceramist that lives and works in Philadelphia, offering high-end, hand thrown, porcelain dinnerware to consumers and the restaurant and gift industries. Her highly-crafted work is informed by an early career in architecture, as is the beautiful photography representing it. She retained Chris & Andy to develop a comprehensive approach to customer relationship management, flourishing her elegantly modern brand into a complete program.

The centerpiece is a Shopify-based website that allows direct-to-customer sales, coupled with an email outreach effort creating an exclusive outlet for her one-of-a-kind pieces.

For the website and her postcard program, we developed an illustration language for her work that captured the spirit of the pieces and recognized her design background, while clearly representing the design to the customer.


“I expected good design skills and good technical ability. What surprised me is how well they understand my business and how valuable their suggestions have been. ”

Teresa Chang

Design dor downloadable catalog for Dahlia Kanner Studio | Design by  ChrisAndAndy.com

Each collection is represented by a postcard with a beautiful group photograph, and style, color and prices on the back.


A postcard featuring Teresa’s bio, with room for a personal note, completes the set of 6 cards.

Made to order or in stock?

We worked closely with Teresa to understand how she interacts with her customers. We then designed her site to support her custom order process, her wedding registry, and make in-stock items available for purchase.


We created nearly 500 unique illustrations to represent every color and style variation in Teresa’s made-to-order collection.

These clarify the designs for the customer more effectively than conventional photography, and add an upscale touch.


Andy spent an afternoon with Teresa teaching her how to photograph her work her iPhone camera using the natural light in her studio.

Chris & Andy worked with Teresa to develop her editorial calendar, creating a platform where she can offer exclusive one of a kind pieces not available on her website. We set up her mailing list and created on brand templates for her newsletter.


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