RISD Webinar
June 10, 2019

Thank you for attending Website Platforms Demystified webinar. There is more information that I would have liked to include but couldn’t due to time constraints. I will include additional information and useful links on this page in the next couple of days.


This is an affordable way to add products to any website for only $9/month and it’s more elegant than a Paypal button. You get the Shopify shopping cart and ecommerce admin at a much lower cost. This works well if you sell just a few products. Managing 20 products or more will take more time to manage since you have to manually add the products to each page. More details…


Shopify - ecommerce designed for small studio businesses

Gsuite for email, get 20% off your first year with promo codes:
Basic Plan: 76U96FYAH4P3CDU
Business Plan: T9XM7LHN7AF749W

Dreamhost - best for URL registration and for Hosting

Flywheel - Favorite Wordpress Hosting, VPN and Dedicated servers only.

Dropbox - great way to manage and share files

Shopify Orderly Emails - beautiful email notifications

Shopify Orderly Printer Templates - beautiful print templates for orders.

Full disclosure: We are affiliates for these services and receive a commission but keep in mind we only refer services we believe in.