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SEO friendly content
custom email set up
branded newsletter

Shopify, Squarespace or Wordpress,? We can help you decide which is the best platform for you based on your needs and implement it with SEO friendly content. You can ask us to do some or all of it.
Contact us to discuss how we can help.

Andy can set you up with all the hidden important details like:
• Google Analytics: so you can track website traffic and make informed decisions about how your website is working for you.
• SEO friendly content to improve organic searches. This means people find you more easily when googling for something you offer.
• Mailchimp Set Up: Social Media keeps changing but we ALL check email everyday. This is the core of how you build your audience.
• Email: An email address @YourDomain builds instant credibility and trust. Andy can help with that.


Branding & Identity

Brand Identity
Style Guide
Print needs

Your identity tells the story of what you make through your logo, type, color and graphic elements. It should appeal to your ideal customer and make them feel at home so they stay engaged.
A Style Guide is a document that contains the logos, fonts, color and graphic element guidelines for your brand. This is a reference for anyone creating graphics or packaging for you.
We can help source from customized to fully custom packaging based on your identity and your needs .
Stop using the office supply store's templates (designed for Jane Doe) for your business materials. Make your letterhead, invoices and postcards stand out and stay on brand wherever you print.


graphic design

Business Cards
Line Sheets
Custom Forms
Marketing Materials

There are great tools now available for you to do your own graphic design and that's great. The down side is you will be using templates that every other business is using. They will look familiar to your audience but won't stand out. You just know when you get a generic business card or post card don't you?
It's the difference between coming across as a business that will be around in ten years or one that might be gone in a year. When you work with someone who is attuned to the nuances in fonts, papers and your brand, your print materials will definitely stand out.



Newsletter Templates
Email campaigns
Editorial Calendar
Social Media Strategy

How do you nurture the relationships with your customers and fans?
The back bone of your outreach efforts should be a simple regular newsletter. We create branded newsletter accounts with simple but effective templates linked to our client’s store to support sales efforts between craft shows.
Our clients develop their outreach strategy through monthly, bimonthly or quarterly consultations. We work with them to create an editorial calendar and identify content for planned email campaigns.
Overwhelmed with social media? We set up a scalable plan so your time spent on social media is focused and more effective.


“When you start working with Chris and Andy, you will see that they give you their full attention. The want to get to know you and understand your business well before they begin to design.”

Debbie | Cruise Orange


product photography

images for product listings
beauty shots - group images
beauty shots - wearing your work
beauty shots - house wares

Are you still trying to do your own photography and struggling to make your images sing?
Let us do the photography for you or connect you with a great photographer in our network. Why spend your studio time figuring out how to get a white background or making your jewelry look fabulous when we can do that for you and you can go back to the studio?
Keep in mind we can coordinate your photography with your brand aesthetic and make sure it will look great on your website.



custom artwork
big or small

Sometimes you need a drawing instead of a photograph to tell your story or add an accent to your website, catalog or logo. We have a number of pencils and pens at your disposal through various established illustrators.

Words are fine but you know a picture is a 1000 words in one instant.




Andy is a native Spanish speaker and fluent in French.
We also have the resources to help you reach other demographics if you need to.
Other languages available: German and Portuguese.



Banners and Large Graphics
Store Signage
Booth Design Consulting

Do you have a brick and mortar store? Do you need a great booth for the upcoming trade show?
We can assist you in designing a great environment that best represents your brand.
We can design interior and exterior signage as well as point of sale displays and large graphics for your booth or store. Not only that, we can help you find the resources to execute the designs.



growth plan
custom work

As makers we would rather focus on creating new work than making a business plan or dealing with the multitude of aspects involved in running a business.
The good news is that you don't have to reinvent the wheel or to do it all by yourself. Successful business owners connect with the right people to help them grow their businesses.
Contact us to talk about your dreams and your needs. We can work with you or connect you with the right coach depending on your needs.


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