New postcard using existing company Logo | Design by ChrisAndAndy.com

Rhode Island jewelry designer Dahlia Kanner is a mainstay in the American craft world, known for her tactile, textured designs that emerge from the natural world with a playful spirit.

For over 15 years we have managed her studio’s brand and touchpoints, ranging from her website and catalog to secondary pieces like print collateral.


“Having a background in both 2D and 3D design gives Chris and Andy the ability to easily accommodate a variety of artist, crafters, and designers needs.  They are able to work with what you have and enhance it.

Chris and Andy are always there with quick responses and solutions no matter how difficult or ridiculous the problem. ”

Dahlia Kanner



Her annual catalog and website are the most technically demanding design challenges in the program, because of the sheer volume of her work— at any one time she can have several hundred pieces on offer.

Design dor downloadable catalog for Dahlia Kanner Studio | Design by  ChrisAndAndy.com


In contrast, her packaging, bio, and postcard program offer the opportunity to spark a connection to her buyers in a less formal way. High contrast photography paired with bold colors forms the foundation for these pieces.

postcard designs for Dahlia Kanner's jewelry | Design by  ChrisAndAndy.com

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