Letterhead and invoices for Andrea Zatarain | Design by

Letterhead and invoices for Andrea Zatarain | Design by

andrea zatarain, bespoke jewelry| identity

The main letterhead is printed with her identity. Each form is set up as a template in her computer ready for her whenever she needs it. The off white thick paper gives a sense of refinement and quiet elegance which is at the core of her brand. 

Andrea's identity has evolved through the years along with her business. We kept the scale of her letterhead at half a page to be more in tune with the scale of her jewelry. Andrea specializes in one of a kind custom design so we wanted to give her the flexibility to print her forms in her studio. 

jewelry photography for Andrea Zatarain | Photo Credit by


We have been photographing Andrea's work for many years. We have a small photo studio dedicated to photographing jewelry. We are working on an online self-paced iPhone photography class. If you are interested, connect with us so you receive the announcement when it is ready.

Mini business cards for Andrea Zatarain | Design by

identity | Mini business cards

We love these small cards for Andrea. They are a great way to showcase a sampling of her portfolio and make a memorable impression.

Website design for Andrea Zatarain | Design by

Website design for Andrea Zatarain | Design by

Website design & ecommerce

We are currently working on a new website for Andrea. We are moving her from three separate platforms into a Shopify store. Just like many business owners, Andrea had built her website on three separate platforms. One for her portfolio, one for her store and one for her blog. 

After a careful analysis of her needs, we decided that Shopify would provide a better experience for her clients and provide the behind the scenes management that Andrea wants in order to provide better customer service.
Not sure which platform is best for you? Send us an email and we'll help you sort it out.

logo for Andrea Zatarain | Design by

identity | logo

We designed Andrea's logo and the variations needed from the favicon on her site to the logo on her newsletter and digital invoices for foreign transactions.

Newsletter template for Andrea Zatarain | Design by


Andy set up the account, the templates and the copy on the forms needed to get the newsletter ready to send.


Identity | jewelers stamps

An important part of a Jeweler's identity is their stamp. This is a small permanent mark on each piece of jewelry made. We can take care of the design as well as place the order for you.


We source the perfect packaging for Andrea's retail jewelry line. Andy's extensive resources in the jewelry industry means we can find or custom design the right packaging for you.


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